Elevate your start-up to the next level

The Captain’s Table connects innovative solutions with leading industry stakeholders and investors in the maritime and logistics industry. If you are a start-up working on solutions for a resilient and greener maritime value chain, please reach out.
We are sourcing start-ups with innovative solutions in the following categories.


  • Crew health and wellbeing
  • Change Management solutions with a focus on digital skills and education for Seafarers
  • Systems interconnectivity
  • AI solutions for remote diagnostics and supporting crew with predictive maintenance solutions

Problem Statement 1.1

Company A is looking for tools to improve seafarer retention and recruitment?

Problem statement 1.2

Company A is concerned about the rapidly changing work environment on board, how can technology equip and train the crew for this new environment?


  • Clean energy solutions to support Green Corridors
  • Innovative solutions for the Decarbonisation of the supply chain
  • Revenue generating solutions either for the vessel or carbon trading platforms
  • Green finance tools

Problem Statement 2.1

Company A is looking for tools to validate and assess the cost / benefit analysis of decarbonisation solutions and technologies on board, when they are not used in isolation?

Problem statement 2.2

Green Corridors will need full stakeholder collaboration, how can technology provide value chain initiatives and stakeholder buy in to ensure its success?


  • OceanTech companies
  • Wind and solar solutions
  • Climate impact reporting solutions
  • Digital transparency tools
  • Data validation solutions

Problem Statement 3.1

Knowledge management solutions are required to upskill and prepare the workforce for the future Company A is looking for software to assist them in this area.

Problem statement 3.2

Ships and ports create noise and environmental pollution. What solutions are there to help reduce the impact on our Oceans?

SmartPort Solutions

  • Blockchain and Neutral platforms for data sharing among stakeholders in the port community
  • Port Community Systems to connect established systems with each other

For more information, please email us at enquiries@captainstable.hk

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