Problem Statement - Industry Challenge

Sustainability is increasingly gaining importance and focus from the maritime industry. Together with our partners at Wah Kwong Maritime Transport Holdings Limited, we are looking for startups and enterprises with ideas and technologies that can help with the following problem statements:

How can data capture technology help shipping companies accurately collect and analyse their environmental impact as well as track the impact of sustainability linked policies and practices.

Is LNG the best alternative marine fuel? How can one best assess alternative fuels to LNG taking into account the commercial and operational viability of such alternatives.

Said William Fairclough, “Wah Kwong is very aware of the need for the shipping industry to find a solution or a series of solutions for the decarbonisation of traditional marine engines. However, we also consider this that this is a challenge not only for traditional owners to meet but also all parties along the supply chain. It is for these reasons that Wah Kwong was very pleased to sponsor the “Decarbonisation/Environmental Solutions” category of this year’s Captain’s Table competition. The Captain’s Table initiative is an ambitious programme that really does showcase what an entrepreneurial city Hong Kong is and just how important the maritime industries are to Hong Kong. Wah Kwong is proud to be a part of this Captain’s Table.“