The Captain’s Table is a YPSN (HK) initiative.

We are the leading pitch challenge for startups founded in Hong Kong with international connections.


Tabitha Logan

Tabitha Logan


Co-founder of YPSN & Captain’s Table

12+ Years Maritime Experience with Shipowners

Deep industry knowledge in bulker market

Su Yin Anand

Su Yin Anand


Co-founder of YPSN & Captains Table

14+ Years Legal Experience in the Maritime and Commodities Space

Chris OCallaghan

Chris O'Callaghan

Enrichment Partner

Director, HFW Consulting

25 years experience in Organisation Development in the industry

Enrichment Partner for The Captain's Table 2019

Nelly Akhmedzhanova

Nelly Akhmedzhanova


Seasoned Shipping professional

15+ years' experience in freight management and commodity tradinge

Maritime Consultant for WWF on their counter International Wildlife Trafficking hub

Powering the future of maritime and logistics.

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captainstable group photo

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Since the event, Portcast has been able to close contracts with 2 new customers; and also signed up additional trial customers. Based on the network we built from the Captain's Table, we have had interest from potential customers from various countries globally. We've developed our product into a self-serve SaaS model with a simple interface and low integration needs and are bringing new customers live every month.

- Nidhi Gupta, Portcast PTE (Winner Captain's Table 2019)

There is an old saying that innovation is seeing what everyone has seen and thinking what nobody has thought. This remains spot on and the imperative to identify all manner of better ways of doing things will be even greater. This is why I support The Captain’s Table which got off to a roaring start on its inauguration in 2019 in Hong Kong . There is no better time or deeper need for brilliant and constructive news ways of doing things and innovation.

- Paul Over, former co-founder and COO, Pacific Basin and Judge on The Captain’s Table 2019

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The Captain’s Table opened my eyes to the global opportunities in the maritime industry. Specifically, it resulted in new sales pipeline with a focus on export markets that I never would have done without the inspiration

- David Schaus, Irwin Group, Cohort 1

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captainstable new1